5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney

by | July 6, 2017

No one wants to lose their money or their security. When it comes to one of the biggest investments in your life, why put yourself at risk? Hiring a real estate attorney when buying a home is more than just hiring someone to read the fine print. Your lawyer is working for you to protect you and your interests. They are a support system, a shield and a resource–giving you the peace of mind to help you sleep soundly at night. Check out five of the biggest reasons a real estate attorney can help with a smooth and stress-free real estate transaction.

#1 Clarity

Someone has to read all of the documents–and understand what it all means. Hiring an attorney from the onset of your real estate transaction to review all agreements and contracts and assist in negotiations will ensure the maximum level of transparency and comfort. Whenever you don’t understand a term or part of the process, you can rely on your lawyer to clarify any vague language and ensure your requirements are properly communicated, represented and documented along the way.

#2 Savings

The upfront fees of hiring a real estate attorney are nothing in comparison to the possible financial impact of getting things wrong down the line. A real estate attorney will safeguard you and your investment by thoroughly reviewing all legal documentation, handling negotiations and asking the questions you may not know to ask. When it comes to dealing with one of the biggest investments of your life, the financial savings and knowledge a real estate attorney can provide is priceless.

#3 Experience

Even if this is not your first real estate purchase, your real estate attorney has gone through this process more times than you ever will in a lifetime. They have the institutional knowledge of working daily in the industry and have their fingers on the pulse of the local and state laws. Especially for those of you with unique real estate situations (for example; new construction, zoning disputes or historic locations), it’s important to have the legal support to mitigate any risks that could delay, if not jeopardize, your real estate purchase.

#4 Closing

Although only some states require a real estate attorney to be present at closing, all property buyers can benefit from legal support. There are multiple moving parts to the closing process, including the mortgage, title insurance, the deed and final inspection.  Hiring a lawyer to review, adjust and prepare all closing documents–and ensure they are protecting you and your assets–can be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Owning property is a big investment, and the security of an experienced attorney handling your closing can  ensure a timely and successful transaction.

#5 Protection

A real estate attorney works for you, represents your needs and will negotiate on your behalf during the real estate purchasing process. Your lawyer can act as a support to walk you step-by-step through the complications of real estate transactions, and also act as a safeguard, protecting you from the problems and issues you cannot see or predict. With legal counsel, you can give yourself the peace of mind that you, your family and your investments are protected as you take the next steps toward owning property.

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