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Whether you’re buying, selling or renting, Legalty offers flat-fee plans to ensure you’re protected in any kind of residential or commercial real estate transaction.

Residential Buyers

Maybe it’s not your first time around the cul-de-sac, or maybe you’re buying your very first home. Either way, Legalty can help make sure you’re protected. We’ll work with you and your agent to ensure a smooth, stress-free real estate transaction.

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Residential Sellers

Let Legalty dot your i’s and cross your t’s. We work with you and your agent to make sure everything is in order, from the seller’s disclosure statement to the agreement of sale, and more, to ensure you’re protected.

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New Construction

No two custom homes are the same, and neither are the builder’s contracts. Buying new construction can be complicated, but Legalty’s been there, and can walk you through the transaction, from breaking ground to closing.

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DIY Real Estate Sales & Purchases

We’re not just a bunch of experienced lawyers and FSBO real estate gurus. We’re also dog owners, coffee drinkers, sports fans and weekend bakers who believe everyone deserves stress-free real estate transactions. Buying or selling property on your own can offer..

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Commercial Real Estate

Legalty offers fixed-price plans and custom services, so you get just what you need, with no surprise bill at the end of the deal. Let Legalty’s experienced team make sure you and your commercial investment are protected

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Real Estate Agents & Lenders

Nothing beats a strong team and Legalty works closely with realtors and lenders to ensure a smooth, stress-free transaction for you and your clients. We specialize in getting deals done on time and strive to make the client’s experience a great one.

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DIY Real Estate Sales

Selling property on your own can offer a huge savings, but can sometimes lead to a huge headache. Relax, you don’t have to go it alone–Legalty offers step-by-step legal assistance for your DIY transaction.

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Landlords/Property Owners

Protecting your property has never been so easy. Let Legalty take the stress off your shoulders with our property owner legal services.

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Someone has to read every word on that rental agreement. Don’t speak legalese? We do. Make sure your rights are protected before you sign with Legalty’s quick and easy contract review for renters.

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Do you have a unique situation? Give us a call for a customized plan.

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