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New construction? Congratulations on building your dream home! There’s no need to lay awake and alone at night sweating the big stuff when you can partner with Legalty. Let Legalty make sure nothing slips through the cracks so you and your investment are protected.

Our flat-fee plan will cover you from ground-breaking to closing and everything in between. For one price quoted upfront, we can help with any or all of the following:

  • Work with your real estate agent to negotiate the agreement of sale
  • Custom agreement of sale review
  • Propose and draft amendments to best suit your needs
  • Advice on timelines, checklists and walkthroughs
  • Review HOA documents
  • Offer guidance through the inspection process
  • Assist in post-inspection negotiations
  • On-call legal assistance
  • Provide unlimited legal support through closing

As new construction agreements can differ greatly from builder to builder, we’ll take a look at your agreement and quote you a one-time fixed price.

Fixed-price plans start at


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*price excludes litigation
Looking to build a commerical property? Contact our commercial real estate legal team at Rogers Counsel.

Why Choose Legalty?

Building your own home might be a first for you, but Legalty has helped many clients get through the process of new construction. Home builders often use custom contracts full of vague language that can make it difficult to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into–or when you’ll actually be getting into your new home. Rest easy–we speak legalese and will thoroughly review all the paperwork to make sure you’re protected. You’ll have two experts on your side as we work hand-in-hand with your realtor to help you get the deal done.

Tight deadline? No problem.

We offer prompt service and can meet your deadline.

Ready to get started with Legalty? We’re here to help.